How to know if mediation is the best option for divorce

Although no couple marries with the intent of divorcing, people and situations inevitably change. In some cases, divorce may be the best course of action. These days, more and more couples in California are choosing to end their marriages with mediation rather than a drawn-out litigated divorce. During divorce mediation, spouses and attorneys meet with an appointed mediator to resolve their differences through negotiation. Here’s how to tell if divorce mediation is an option to consider. 

Amicable resolution 

If spouses would rather cooperate and work together to resolve their divorce instead of fighting it out in court, then mediation may be something to consider. However, there must be a certain level of trust among spouses for mediation to work as intended. Both parties must be willing to communicate and negotiate toward a fair and amicable resolution. 

Time and money are concerns 

Many couples choose mediation because it is less expensive than a traditional litigated divorce. The mediation process can also be tailored and customized to fit the couple’s needs, so it is usually a quicker way to divorce. However, couples should not pursue mediation unless they are willing to fully disclose all information in advance. 

Legal assistance 

Mediation is a great alternative for couples who are willing to set aside their differences and develop mutually agreed-upon solutions to benefit both parties. Although mediation is not an option for all spouses, it can be perfect for couples who want to resolve their divorce quickly and inexpensively. Those in California who have questions or want to know more about mediation or any aspect of divorce can get help by contacting an attorney who is knowledgeable in family law.