Mediation can make the divorce process less stressful

Every year thousands of couples in California choose to end their marriages. For many of these couples, divorce will be the most difficult event of their lifetime. However, there is an alternative divorce method that is often less stressful and more efficient than a traditional divorce. With divorce mediation, the couple meets with a neutral, third-party mediator who helps them negotiate and resolve their divorce. Here are a few ways meditation can make the divorce process a less stressful experience.  

The children benefit 

Children always suffer the most in a custody battle. In a traditional divorce, the court ultimately decides the child custody details and arrangements.  However, with mediation, the spouses have the opportunity to determine what custody arrangement is best for them without needing the courts to intervene. 


In a traditional divorce, a lot of decisions are left to the court, with the divorcing spouses having very little control of the situation. But with divorce mediation, both spouses have input on the terms of their divorce and what their settlement will be. Having control over the situation can reduce the stress of divorce. 

Choosing mediation 

Most couples who undergo mediation can settle their issues and successfully resolve their divorce. Whether a couple is deep into their divorce or just contemplating the possibility, divorce mediation is always an option. Any person in California who has questions about divorce or divorce mediation can get help by speaking with a legal professional. A knowledgeable family law attorney can answer difficult questions and provide much-needed legal guidance.