High-asset divorce does not have to be contentious

Spouses in California who have been together for many years have likely accumulated more marital property and assets than couples who have just married. When these high-net-worth spouses decide to separate, the divorce process can quickly become complicated and full of conflict. However, many spouses who end their marriage want a quick and more efficient ending to their divorce. Here’s how to facilitate a more peaceful and amicable resolution to a high-asset divorce. 

Communicate effectively 

To make an amicable and efficient divorce possible, spouses will have to talk to each other regularly. Finding an effective way to communicate is key. Many marriages end due to a lack of communication, but effective and amicable communication does not have to be emotional or intimate. It can help to think of the other spouse as a colleague or classmate. Efficiency is the main goal here, so communication should be cordial, clear and straightforward. 


Even if soon-to-be ex-spouses can communicate effectively and want to move toward a common goal of an amicable resolution, complete agreement on every decision in the divorce process is unlikely. Mediation is a great alternative to the traditional divorce that many spouses today pursue. In mediation, the couple meets with a third-party mediator who helps them resolve the issues surrounding their divorce. A mediator can pitch solutions and help couples explore options that they will both feel comfortable with. 

Professional assistance 

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful experience regardless of circumstances. This is why it is important for any person in California who is headed for divorce to consult with a knowledgeable legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and invaluable advice when it comes time to make such important decisions.