Divorce mediation can save time and money

When spouses in California decide to end their marriage, one of the first things on their to-do list is to decide on their method of divorce. In past decades, the focus was on battling it out in court. But going that route could take months and costs thousands of dollars. These days, more couples opt for mediation to settle their divorce. Here’s how divorce mediation can save money amid divorce. 

Mediation is cost-effective 

During divorce mediation, the spouses meet with a neutral, third-party mediator who helps the couple resolve their issues in an informal setting. One of the main benefits to mediation is that it allows the couple to keep their divorce out of court. For this reason alone, mediation can save thousands of dollars. 

Since mediation typically keeps the divorce out of court, it also allows for a quicker divorce settlement. When couples resort to litigation, the court tells them when they must appear, so they have no control over scheduling. With mediation, they the option of setting the dates and times of their meetings. And since time is money, this is another way mediation can be a more cost-effective divorce alternative.   

Obtaining legal assistance  

If the parties are willing to cooperate, meditation may be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to divorce. California residents who want to learn more about mediation or obtain assistance for divorce could benefit by speaking with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide situation-specific guidance to help individuals get through this challenging experience.