Prenuptial agreements can be lifesavers

Most future spouses in California would agree that discussing the end of a marriage before the wedding begins is not exactly romantic. Unfortunately, this is a primary reason for the stigmas that have been placed on prenuptial agreements. It may feel like signing a prenuptial agreement is a bad omen but, should the marriage end, a prenup can be a lifesaver. Prenuptial agreements can offer many advantages, especially for those who have a high net worth. 

What exactly is a prenuptial agreement? 

In its most basic form, a prenuptial agreement is essentially a legal contract that allows future spouses to decide how their assets, property and debts will be distributed if the marriage ends. Think of a prenup as insurance or a safety net for marriage. Despite the societal stigmas, there is no harm in agreeing to a prenuptial agreement. If the couple stays together for the rest of their lives, the prenup will be irrelevant anyway. 

When is a prenup recommended? 

Nearly every couple can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. However, there are specific situations when a prenup can be more important. If one spouse is bringing substantial assets into the marriage, a prenup can protect their individual assets. Prenuptial agreements are highly recommended for business owners. 

Legal assistance  

Every marriage will end, either by death or divorce. Luckily, couples can decide how their assets or property will be divided. Those in California who have questions or want to know more about prenuptial agreements should consider speaking with an experienced attorney. A legal professional can answer questions and provide invaluable guidance.