Domestic violence and abuse come in many forms

Marriage is meant to be a lifelong commitment. However, people change as the years go by, and a spouse could turn out to be an entirely different person than in the initial stages of the relationship. Problems in a romantic relationship can trigger intense feelings. Unfortunately, these feelings can sometimes result in domestic violence or abuse. Here are some common forms of domestic abuse in California.  

Technological abuse 

Technological abuse is becoming more common. It occurs when someone uses technology to stalk and control a partner. Examples include hacking into personal or email accounts, monitoring or hacking into social media accounts or using tracking devices to monitor a partner’s text messages, phone calls or location. 

Emotional abuse 

Emotional abuse can be subtle and sometimes difficult to detect. It is often used to erode a partner’s self-esteem. It typically comes in the form of insults, name-calling, intimidation, stalking or extreme jealousy.  

Physical abuse 

Physical abuse is typically the most recognizable and dangerous form of domestic abuse. It includes hitting, slapping, burning, damaging property, strangulation or use of weapons. Abuse in any form is unacceptable. When someone’s health and safety are in danger, 911 should be called immediately. 

If domestic violence is present in a marriage, a spouse on the receiving end may feel trapped or afraid that seeking a divorce will trigger more violence or retaliation. Fortunately, there are options available to protect victims of domestic violence. An experienced legal professional in California can respond quickly to establish security and give tailored advice.