Domestic violence is never acceptable

In a perfect world, spouses support each other and never have a disagreement. In the real world, however, this is not the case. Every marriage in California has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, not all spouses handle marital challenges in the appropriate way. Frustration and anger can ignite a violent response that justifies a need to get out of the marriage and divorce. 

The face of domestic violence  

Domestic violence involves more than just physical violence or altercations. In a marriage, it can be a pattern of emotionally, psychologically or physically abusive behavior that affects the spouse. Domestic violence can also include harassment through phone calls, social media, email or other methods of communication.  

Psychological or emotional abuse is often meant to control a spouse or damage his or her emotional well-being. It can be verbal or nonverbal and is often intended to intimidate. It may include name-calling, yelling, cheating or manipulation. Examples of physical abuse are shoving, hitting, punching, throwing things or destroying objects. Domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity of the abuse. 

Where to get help 

Sometimes when domestic violence is present in a marriage, a spouse may feel trapped and fear that mentioning divorce will trigger retaliation and place the individual in immediate danger. When domestic violence threatens one’s health and safety, it’s time to get out of the relationship. Those in California who are affected by domestic violence can get help by speaking with a knowledgeable and caring legal professional. A seasoned attorney can give clients advice tailored to their specific situation and guide them on what steps they need to take.