A collaborative approach to divorce

The image of divorce is not pleasant. Hollywood and mainstream media portray it as a brutal, long and costly process. The truth is that divorce can be messy, filled with conflicts, lengthy and cost you a lot of money; however, this is not the only way divorce can look in California.

Litigation is not always the answer, and there are other approaches spouses can take to go through the divorce process.

Collaborative law

At Christy, Keith & Donnell Family Law Group, P.C, our law firm is committed to helping individuals navigate the divorce process without the emotional strain or high price tag of litigation. Our attorneys see themselves as collaborative attorneys, as they serve as reasonable negotiators for their clients.

Collaborative law is a distinct method for divorce. This method relies on each party to commit to the process and work together to reach a final agreement. Furthermore, it must include open communication and information sharing.


Maybe the collaborative approach is not for you, but you still seek to avoid litigation. Mediation might be a better approach.

With a neutral facilitator, each party can express their wishes as they reach an agreement. While this process still requires a level of cooperation, mediation can still be successful even when conflicts and differences are present.

When moving forward with a divorce, it is a good idea to have your own mental picture of the process. If your goal is to amicably and efficiently complete the process, a legal professional can help guide you to that objective.