Some professions have higher divorce rates

Our economic landscape in California is hallmarked by the haves and the have- nots, and as a result, many choose professions with low unemployment and high income potential. Others choose public service to give back.

What is often not discussed when we choose our career path is the potential for divorce.

Should divorce be part of what we consider?

Perhaps. For some professions under age 30, the divorce rate was starkly different than for other professions. And, on the other end, the divorce rates were relatively low for other careers.

While correlation does not equal causation, there are some commonalities that would seem to indicate that one’s career can make an impact on your marriage.


Military professionals seem to have the worst divorce rates among all careers. Indeed, first-line enlisted military supervisors have a divorce rate that is nearly twice as high as the next highest profession. Many other military professionals had higher than normal divorce rates as well.

Skilled trades

Skilled tradespeople have the next highest divorce rates.

Skilled tradespeople and military personnel do share some commonalities. While skilled tradespeople often get paid more than military personnel, they both face dangerous working conditions and long hours away from home.

Of course, military personnel have it much worse, with much more dangerous working conditions and much longer time away from their families.

The takeaway

By some estimates, over 50% of United States marriages end in divorce. Perhaps choosing a profession based on its divorce rate is not advisable. On the other hand, maybe it is time away from the family that may have an impact on these workers and their families.