Will mediation work for me?

When it comes to divorce, you have many options for how you handle the division of property and finalize arrangements for custody, child support and visitation. You can go through traditional divorce litigation, which is a time-consuming and expensive process, or you could instead pursue mediation.

There are many advantages of mediated settlements. The following are just a few.

Mediation and confidentiality

The personal aspects of a split are some of the most complex issues that a divorcing person might have. Mediation allows you to solve problems as a couple. It is private, so you do not have to worry about the public having access to your divorce proceedings; you won’t have to air your proverbial dirty laundry in open court and worry about it being part of the public record.

Furthermore, you and your spouse have unique needs that a court may not recognize. In mediation, you can discuss the complexities of your relationship, your desired outcomes and more and find workable solutions together.

Keeping the peace

Hard feelings are common in divorce. In mediation, you address those feelings when you tell your story. Acknowledging your feelings may turn out to be an important step in finding closure after a divorce. Additionally, those couples who use mediation tend to have less hostility towards one another following the proceedings.

Mediation as a way to get closure, faster

Most people want to finalize the divorce with the least amount of resistance or fighting with their spouse. If you decide on mediation, odds are that you will have a higher rate of satisfaction. In mediation, you are a more active participant. There are higher rates of agreement and compliance between couples who go through mediation. Also, it is a faster way to close a case. If you choose to go to trial, it could be months or even years (depending on how contentious things are) before you see an end to your divorce. With mediation, the proceedings might only last a week or two, though some cases go on longer.