What is financial abuse in a relationship?

There are many different types of abuse that can occur within a marriage. One of the abuses talked about the least is financial abuse. In fact, some spouses do not realize that they are suffering from financial abuse.

Financial abuse, according to Bustle, is a controlling behavior to encourage financial dependence.

Allowances and Credit Card Control

As an adult in a marriage, you should not have an allowance. If your paychecks go to your spouse and if he or she offers you a small amount of money in return or makes you clear every purchase, this is financial control.

Workplace Harassment and Interference

A financial abuser may become too interested in where you work and what your aspirations are. In a healthy relationship, your spouse may build you up and support your dreams. An abuser will interfere with them. He or she may be against your education, against a new promotion and may even harass you at work to sabotage your job. Financial abusers want you to be financially dependent. To excel in a career can get in the way of that dependence.

Anger or Upset at Spending Habits

While it is sometimes normal for couples to disagree on finances, it is not normal for one spouse to become irrational or vengeful when the other spends money. If you are afraid of spending money or if you make a large purchase and then fear the reaction of your partner, this is a major red flag. Financial abusers must have control over all the finances and will use fear tactics to keep the other person within his or her control.