What are some examples of domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs for a host of reasons, from alcohol abuse to anger over an affair and psychological problems. However, some people are subjected to abuse when they decide to file for a divorce, and it is pivotal for victims to recognize all forms of domestic violence. Sadly, some people remain in toxic and abusive marriages because they are afraid of what their partner will do if they decide to split up.

Every day, people across the state of California are abused in various ways. Sometimes, people do not even realize that certain behaviors constitute abuse.

Physical abuse, threats and other types of domestic violence

Many people recognize that physical assault, such as hitting, kicking, shoving and throwing objects at another person are against the law. According to the Judicial Branch of California, there are other types of unlawful abuse that are prohibited, such as threatening one’s safety. For example, it is against the law for an abusive partner to threaten harm in the event that the other party wishes to end the marriage or relationship. Sometimes, domestic violence is sexual in nature and other actions are also illegal, such as stalking and destroying personal property.

Domestic violence often involves controlling behavior

Many people who are subjected to domestic violence also suffer due to their partner’s controlling behavior. For example, many abusers interfere with a victim’s ability to use their phone or talk to friends and loved ones. Controlling partners sometimes restrict a victim’s ability to leave the home and even use the internet. Victims of domestic violence need to immediately stand up for their rights and protect themselves.