Auberry woman escapes standoff between husband and police

Domestic violence is a problem that many face both in Oakland and throughout the rest of the U.S. Many victims suffer in silence out of fear of not being able to escape their marriages with their abusers without the violence escalating (or even expanding to include their children or family and friends). 

Some might say that escape from such abuse is available through little more than a simple phone call to law enforcement authorities. Yet even in such a promise comes the potential that involving others can prompt heightened (even perhaps deadly) consequences. 

Domestic dispute devolves into armed standoff 

That appears to be what an Auberry woman might have faced in a recent confrontation with her husband. Officials responded to a domestic violence call at their home, to which her husband responded by threatening to kill anyone who approached the property (the woman confirmed that he had several firearms in the home). Dispatchers sent a SAWT team to the home and a standoff ensued. Fortunately, the man eventually surrendered to authorities and the woman was able to escape the incident unharmed. 

Escape from abusive marriages 

While this case had a happy ending, sadly many similar incidents do not. What is most tragic about these cases is that assistance is available to those looking to escape from abusive situations. Such assistance can not only secure protection for domestic violence victims (as well as for their children and family members) from their abusers but also begin the process of divorce proceedings to finally provide the escape they have been searching for. Only need only know where to go to find such resources. An experienced family law attorney may be able to provide one with such information.