The collaborative advantage

There are various benefits for taking your case in front of a California court. For example, you would have a thorough process, and each party could have its own legal representation. However, you may find that the process is sometimes not the most efficient or private way to resolve disputes. At Christy, Keith & Donnell Family Law Group, P.C., we often suggest a different initial course of action — collaborative law — for our clients with unresolvable child support and custody issues. 

Collaborative law takes a small step back from the public and highly bureaucratic nature of the courts. However, it preserves some of the key aspects that allow the courts to be such an effective and official tool for resolving conflict. Please read on for a brief discussion. 

There is no single solution that works for every situation when it comes to resolving your disputes, especially for serious, life-changing decisions such as child support and custody. Instead, you would want to look at various aspects of your case and decide which venue would be the best for each situation. You may need to litigate at times, but this is generally rare. We are able to resolve many of our clients’ divorce issues through either mediation or collaborative law. 

You would have your own attorney to represent you in a collaborative law setting, similar to the setting in a courtroom. This is in contrast to mediation, in which you would use a third party to provide a neutral source of advice and information. We believe that this individual representation allows everyone to get a personalized, accurate assessment of their options and the consequences of their decisions. Please continue reading on our main website.