3 ways stay-at-home moms plan for divorce

Stay-at-home moms play an important role in society. While their husbands enter the workforce and provide financial support, these mothers remain at home to raise good kids. Of course, this arrangement often creates a power imbalance that can make divorce even more stressful. 

Marriages break down for a variety of reasons. If either you or your spouse has decided to file for divorce, you may not know how to prepare yourself. Here are three tips for planning for the end of your marriage. 

1. Assemble relevant documents

If you handle your family’s finances, you may have easy access to financial documents. On the other hand, because your soon-to-be ex-spouse is the breadwinner, you may need some time to assemble information about your finances. Still, doing so is worth the effort. As soon as possible, try to gather detailed records about assets, debts, investments, accounts and property. 

2. Create a budget

Opening your own account is a good way to ensure you have access to money until your divorce concludes. Nevertheless, you may also want to create a budget that allows you to save as much as possible. Doing so may also help you adjust to your post-divorce financial situation. 

3. Get some help

You are likely to receive an equal share of marital assets. Unfortunately, though, unscrupulous spouses sometimes try to hide financial resources. Naturally, if you do not know marital wealth exists, you may not receive your fair share of it. Therefore, you may need a qualified team to help you through your divorce. This team may include a lawyer, forensic accountant, personal investigator and others. 

Even though you are a stay-at-home mom, you deserve fair and reasonable treatment during your divorce. Your husband may have a head start, so you must act diligently to prepare for the dissolution of your marriage. Fortunately, with a bit of planning and some work, you can advocate for your best interests.